Friday, 13 January 2012

Two Short Story Reviews: Cat Calls & Haunted Love by Cynthia Leitich Smith

Two brief reviews on two short stories by Cynthia Leitich Smith.

Cat Calls

Tiffany's grandma sees something wild in her future -- but is Tiffany prepared for the powerful shape it will take? CAT CALLS is a short story by New York Times Bestseller Cynthia Leitich Smith -- set in the same dark universe as her novels Tantalize, Eternal, and Blessed.

I’m curious about this author because I’m really excited about her other novels, so I wanted to get a taster of her writing style with her short stories first.
I think it could just be that I’m not a huge fan of short stories, but it really didn’t do it for me. I like the premise, I liked the characters, and it sure was enough to get me intrigued enough to read her books, but it still fell a bit flat.
I think because of the length there isn’t enough plot or character development which leave me feeling a little grumpy, and like events sometimes happen for no reason at all, or without enough explanation for them to draw me in.
It was still enough to intrigue me because I like her writing style and the premise, but it wasn’t enough to make me like this particular story.

Haunted Love

Spirit, Texas, is a town of secrets, and as the new owner of the local haunted movie theater, Cody Stryker is juggling more than his fair share. When a mysterious new girl comes to town and runs afoul of the ghost that lives in his theater, Cody’s caught in the middle and needs to figure out exactly who he can trust. HAUNTED LOVE is a short story by New York Times Bestseller Cynthia Leitich Smith -- set in the same dark universe as her novels TANTALIZE, ETERNAL, and BLESSED.

The same goes for ‘Haunted Love’ – not enough development for the events to make sense. Maybe after reading her books I’ll come back and enjoy them more, because the world and characters will mean more to me, but based on their own it wasn’t enough.
I loved the start of this story, it really drew me in, in a way that I didn’t find with the first one. However, then things get weird, we get an ax and a crazy lady and I just kind of stared blankly at the page going ‘really?’
So yeah, the writing makes me want to go and read her full length novels, but hasn’t done anything to convince me to like short stories any more than I already do.

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