Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Gossip Girl Review: The Kids Are Not Alright

'The Kids Are Not Alright'

I may have fallen on the Dair wagon...

I’ll admit, I wasn’t as hyped about the new episode of Gossip Girl that aired last night. Partly because, hell, the Vampire Diaries airs in two days, and partly because it’s just been so damn long since we had a new episode of GG. I get why there are hiatuses, but they last so long it can go one of two ways, kill the enthusiasm, or fan it into a swoon worthy rage.

However,  I was surprised after watching “The Kids Are Not Alright” – it wasn’t the most OMG worthy episode that we had just before the break, but it was still a solid hour of amusement. It brought along a few more plots, opened up even more questions and generally had me sniggering, Is anyone else mildly curious by the idea of Chuck and Serena after their ‘mummy issues’ ? Strangely perverse, yet oddly compelling. And funny, and a little bit terrifying (in a good way I suppose) that Serena can actually pull off looking like Lily – I wasn’t convinced until she put on the glasses, and then it all just fell into place.

Serena and Dan  got a little bit of closure – yay! Dan’s constant pining had gotten a touch on the grating side, so it was nice for them to admit they weren’t there yet, but they might be in the future. And it also leaves room for the possibility of Dair… Now before all you Chair lovers get irate, listen for a moment. I love Chair – Chair is endgame for me. But in the meantime, the banter and emotion rising between Dan and Blair was one of the best things all night. I want more. Just so long as Chair get it on again eventually. Actually I can see some jealousy issues coming up for Chuck in the not too distant future at this rate.

Man bangs plus Dad were a bit boring this episode. I know Nate relies on the brain power of his hair, and he has cottoned on a little quicker this time to his Dad’s shading dealings – but I don’t think he could have been more boring this week if he’d been thinking about it. Actually if he’d been  thinking about it, he probably would have just looked confused the whole time.

Chuck – if your voice gets any slower and your eyelids droop any more, then people are going to start thinking you’re having a stroke. Get over it, and get back to the schemey boy we know and love! I loved Blair’s line about Chuck and Serena scheming and disguises were involved – no good can come of this!

Blair, baby, you are my favourite. I think of all the characters Blair has grown and developed as a person the most over the four seasons. She’s stopped being a bitchy Queen – well not entirely, but she’s rounded out so she’s not just that. I love how her Mum took her to task, and then they bonded over scheming, battle plans and fashion magazines. Also, as a career choice, that’s pretty much perfect for Blair – how had she not planned this out already??? She plans everything! Including sitting two seats away from Dan in the cinema so no one will connect them. Sure Blair, two seats’ll do it… 

New characters? Reserving judgement until we see a bit more of them. Lily? Urgh. She was telling the truth, but that doesn’t mean I dislike her any less – that woman is screwed up on so many levels. And Rufus? Grow a back bone man! Although I think their whole relationship was summed up when they were drinking champagne before the party, and Lily huffs and walks away just as Rufus is trying to help her on with her wrap, forcing him to run after her. He is a lap dog. I miss the Rufus who, you know, was a decent human being who hadn’t sold his soul for botox.
Favourite Character: Blair, hands down. Although she wins most weeks.

Favourite Moment: Chuck having Mummy fantasies featuring Serena. They should so explore that.

Bitch Slap Moment: Lily storming off telling Eric and Serena to trust her. She has no right to ever say those words again. That woman has no concept of the truth, unless it bribes her.

Overall a really solid episode, and I’m looking forward to next week – if only to find out what happens in that cinema and to find out why Dan and Blair are fighting over a stapler in one of the promo pictures.

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