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The Vampire Diaries: The Sacrifice Review

So this weeks Vampire Diaries was a non-stop thrill ride, neither the characters or the audience get a chance to breathe. From the word go and Elena once more had intruders in her house, you knew it was gonna be good…

1 minute in:
Oh Elena when will you lean to lock your doors, and not just roll over and ignore the creepy noises in the middle of the night? Minus 1

2 minutes in:
Plus 4 For some of the creepy noises actually being Alaric post sex with a bowl of cereal.

“Well I’m naked, so I’m gonna go.” Plus another 2

Also I love that whilst Jenna is supposed to be the parental of the house, every now and again the writers throw in moments like this to remind you that she is still the quirky aunt who is far too young to be landed with teenage children – let alone their troubled vampire other halves. I suppose it’s good she managed to bag herself a vampire slayer (who is yummy sans clothes) to protect her childish innocence. Plus 1

3 minutes in:
Slick timing Mr Creepy Magic Man Plus 1

4 minutes in:
Ha! The week before Caroline lifted that door easily, yet the Salvatore brothers puny strength can barely lift it between them. No points, just an observation.
Damon knows that a sheepish confession that they’ve been to see Katherine will get them a free pass into the Gilbert house. Plus 1

“I’d rather poke my eyes out.” Plus 3

Plus 10 for Nina Dobrev’s awesome acting.

5 minutes in:
“What he means to say is we will pry it from her cold dead hand if we have to.” Plus 3

Elena: “Sounds like you’ve got it all figured out.”
Damon: “Yup, we’re awesome.” Plus 1

Also, Damon’s look of cute bewilderment when Elena turns down their awesome plan earns another plus 2

6 minutes in:
Elena: “Is that before or after he kills everyone I care about, including the two of you?”
Plus 5 for the lingering look between Elena and Damon as he digests this new titbit of information.

Bonnie: “She’d brought it up before, but I just thought she was drunk.” Plus 2

7 minutes in:
I’m sorry Luca haters, much as I love Jeremy, Luca is really doing it for me at the moment. That smile, that witchy charm – the trading of jewellery!
Minus 2 for the dog tag.
Plus 3 for the smile.
Plus another 2 for ruining everyone’s homework for the day.
Plus 1 for Bonnie’s sexed up expression.

8 minutes in:
Oh Jeremy you are so behind the witchy times. Minus 1

Urgh, Rose, what are you still doing here? Particularly wandering round the Salvatore mansion practically naked and reminding everyone that you are tapping Damon Salvatore. Minus 3

9 minutes in:
Oh Elena baby, nice bribing! You picked up a trick or two of Katherine last week. Plus 2

MATT! Plus 10 for your guilt and almost tears and genuine human wretchedness. These supernatural creatures think they have it hard? Someone give Matt a hug.

11 minutes in:
Kind of just want to give Tyler and Caroline a plus 2 just for their awesome chemistry – I adore these two together.

Caroline: “Have you even thought about it, the whole wolf thing?”
No Caroline, I’m sure he’s a bit pre-occupied with his trig homework to even contemplate the change… Minus 4

At least Tyler has some qualms about people overhearing plus 1 and even he can’t hold out against Caroline’s bulldozer helpfulness. Plus 2

12 minutes in:
Ah Jeremy, the voice of reason. Plus 1

Ah Bonnie, the voice of idiocy. Minus 2 dog tags can’t save you, not when Mr Creepy Magic Man is on the
side of evil.

Damon’s blood tipple reminds me of the Bailey’s adverts plus 1

Also, his cavalier attitude towards plans makes me giggle plus 1

Damon: “Gee thanks you sixteen year old child, why didn’t we think of that? Why are you even here?” Plus 4 for Damon’s consistent sneering attitude towards Jeremy.

Damon doesn’t own anything of Katherine’s?! You mean he hasn’t had some of her underwear hidden in his jacket for the last 150 years? Minus 3 because I don’t believe it. Unless when she rejected him (again) he burnt it in a fit of rage, in which case plus 2.

13 minutes in:
Where have all these vampire safe houses comes from? Seems too easy – minus 2

For Rose’s consistently unhelpful attitude, minus 2

Seriously, Katherine and Elena are merging. Plus 6

Rose, just leave. Minus 2

Meh, that whole finding slater thing just didn’t do it for me and seemed a little forced. Minus 1

14 minutes in:
Ah vampires, so used to hiding bodies.  Plus 1

Anyone else reminded of the Matrix with that computer set up? Plus 2

Plus 2 for Rose actually showing a little character.

Followed by a minus 2 for that defeatist attitude – at least search the apartment for clues! Has she never sleuthed before?!

15 minutes in:
Jeremy is sullenly playing in the back with blunt objects. Plus 2 for him at last remembering he used to be an emo druggy.

Why must everything burst into flames around Bonnie? No points, just wondering.

Damon sounds drugged, has the fire hypnotised him? Actually Bonnie sounds drugged too – are we sure that the burning metal isn’t giving off some weird fumes? Minus 1 for lack of health and safety checks before spell time.

16 minutes in:
The black jacket club has new members! Plus 1

Plus 2 for Caroline/Tyler hook up foreshadowing and deep meaningful looks.

Caroline, you will never be a good liar, stop trying, Tyler will woo it out of you eventually.

17 minutes in:
Vampy senses win again plus 2

18 minutes in:
I am torn with this diary of Mason’s. On the one hand plus 5 for the terror build up for Tyler. On the other, minus 3 for it just being too convenient.

Only Damon could get away with having a stake gun in his car and no one questioning it. Plus 1

I really hope Damon is going to put Katherine or Elena in that sack and swing it over his shoulder in that buccaneer fashion. Plus 2

19 minutes in:
However, Jeremy and Bonnie are far too cute together, despite Luca and his smile. Plus 1

HA! Jeremy is obviously still a druggy at heart. Plus 1

Together Alice and Rose make me want to throw things. Minus 5

20 minutes in:
Elena: How is she?
Rose: Overreacting. Big time.
Rose, I am beginning to like you. Plus 1

Elena: Do you know Slater’s computer password?
Alice: Are you seriously asking me that right now? I just saw my boyfriend with a stake through his heart.
Elena: I understand that, do you know his password?
Elena has picked up far too many tips from Katherine. Please put Elena and Katherine together into an evil world destroying team? Imagine the carnage – it would be epic? Plus 10

21 minutes in:
Rose’s blossoming respect for Elena and her tricksy ways earns her a plus 1


22 minutes in:
Elena! Backbone! Stubbornness! Not that Stefan and Damon will let Klaus anywhere near you, but plus 5 for trying.

23 minutes in:
With Jeremy probably sweaty with nerves and machoism, how did the powder not just stick to his hand? Minus 3

However, plus one for him starting to learn the art of the one liner from Damon.

You know Jeremy is having a moral dilemma patting down his sister’s evil doppelganger, he’s a teenager with a thing for vamps! Plus 1

However, minus 6 for not understanding that missions like this must be done with SPEED.

24 minutes in:
Damon’s “tell me” shows that he already knows Elena well enough to have an inkling his love is in danger. Plus 2

“I’m gonna be in the back playing with my new little toy, and you guys just give me a holler when you got the tomb open.” Plus 10

Plus 2 for the Freudian fun Katherine is blatantly going to have with Jeremy in the back of the tomb.

25 minutes in:
Oh Mr Creepy Magic Man, you do not share your son’s gorgeous smile, I’m gonna go ahead and bet he’s adopted now.

Woot for window magic. Plus 2

26 minutes in:
Mr Creepy Magic man, note for the future, do not sound so surprised when your spells work. Minus 2

Pah, like that ash would have stayed in the unsealed envelope. Minus 2

27 minutes in:
Luka! Never trust a hot witch with a way to steal your magic, learn some common sense. Minus 4

MASON! Plus 3

28 minutes in:
Plus 10 for the acting in the transformation.

Plus 10 for Tyler’s reaction to the transformation.

29 minutes in:
Give Tyler a hug Caroline!

Alice: Damon Salvatore!
Damon: Get rid of her. Plus 5 finally!

30 minutes in:
Damon: Who’s going to save your life whilst you’re out making decisions?
Stefan is too trusting; at least Damon realizes Elena can’t be left on her own. Well, I suppose that goes for all the Gilbert’s… Plus 4

You don’t want to be saved? I don’t understand. I am the damsel saving brigade! Plus 2

Love Damon’s head shake when Elena says Klaus will every single person she loves – even Damon goes mushy over the L word. Plus 3

Damon: Get your ass out the door before I throw you over my shoulder and carry you out myself.
Swoon. Plus 5

Oh Damon, that pure animal restraint as you lean into Elena to stop her from punching you. Have another plus 5

Also, you know Damon’s love is pure because anyone else who tried to punch him would’ve had their hand ripped off. Elena just gets a lovingly soft “don’t ever do that again.” Plus 3

Elena so wishes he’d kissed her then. Plus 2

31 minutes in:
“It’s Bonnie Bennett, she’s channelling me.” And boy is he loving it. Plus 1

Squee for Katherine!
Jeremy: You’ve got to stop her!
Katherine: *elbows Jeremy in the face* Plus 4

Bonnie learn to stop! You’ll kill all the hot witches in town! Minus 3

32 minutes in:
The smug look on Katherine’s face as she trades Jeremy for Stefan. Plus 5

Tyler is going to turn into an alcoholic long before he turns into a wolf. Plus 1

33 minutes in:
Tyler Lockwood ladies and gentlemen, struck dumb by niceness. Plus 4

Plus 2 for Caroline’s confession, and plus another 2 for the chemistry.

Minus 1 for the doorbell going.

34 minutes in:
Plus 4 for it being Matt and him not knowing how he ended up at Caroline’s – this time without the aid of vamps screwing with his mind.

“I miss you.” Plus 2

Plus 2 for the awkward moment after ‘I miss you’ and how it turns into a smile.

Minus 5 for timing Tyler.

Ooo Damon’s ‘time to go’ face is hot. Plus 1

35 minutes in:
“I will break your arm.” Seriously, Damon’s quiet confidence that he knows precisely what’s best for Elena and will do whatever it takes to keep her safe makes me shiver. Plus 3

KLAUS! Plus 3

Rose finally high tailing it out of there. Plus 1

“I killed you, you were dead.” Damon doesn’t like it when he fails. Plus 1

Looks of fear from minions plus 2

Eerie music plus 2

Heart pulling plus 20

Damon’s slightly peeved look that someone else is using his heart wrenching technique plus 4

Plus 20 for Damon’s predator’s stance in front of Elena as he realizes they’re next. You know he’d die for her.

Also, you just know that for a second Damon probably thinks that Klaus ran from his scariness – plus 2 ego points

36 minutes in:
How has Luca not noticed there is an evil vampire squatting at his house? Minus 3

37 minutes in:
“I don’t know, between here and upstairs there’s still time for you to do something stupid.” Plus 4

38 minutes in:
Plus 5 for that kiss lean in being entirely unscripted. Go Jeremy!

Plus 2 for Bonnie debating at the door whether to run back and kiss the wounded look from Jeremy’s face.

The porch holds so many memories for Damon, and you just know he’s remembering all of them. Plus 2

“If I had a dollar for every time some evil vampire surprised me.” Plus 3

39 minutes in:
Damon is easily confused by Elena wanting to save him. Cue confused blinking. Plus 1

Also, you can see Damon beginning to develop a hatred of Gilbert’s interrupting moments between him and
Elena on the front porch. Plus 2

Damon rough housing Elena. Plus 2

Scrap that, how did Elena beat Damon there in the first place? Minus 3

“Don’t you dare.” Swoon. Plus 1

Stefan is so secretly glad to be stuck in the tomb away from the sexual tension between Damon and Elena. Plus 2

Is Elena trying to tear Damon’s shirt in the struggle? Plus 1

40 minutes in:
Plus 5 for the ridiculously careful way Damon handles Elena. He only ever touches her when she threatens him or herself.

Is that a Katherine snarl Elena? Plus 1

“Of all the idiot plans Stefan.” Plus 1

Stefan hides until Elena leaves. Trying not to tempt her to come in, or secretly glad he’s trapped with the kinkier doppelganger? No points, just wondering.

“You martyr yourself into a tomb and I get partnered with a semi competent witch. Wonderful.” Plus 2
Brotherly love and understanding. Plus 2

Katherine, you so sneaky. Plus 1

Plus: 304
Minus: 70

So this side falls firmly into the plus side (unsurprisingly) as every episode this season is going from strength to strength. This cast is truly exceptional, props go to Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder, but Michael Trevino is one to watch for next week as the promo’s show that the mid-season finale is certainly going to be hot!
Any suggestions for points I’ve missed? Leave them in the comments!

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