Thursday, 29 November 2018

Five Bookstagram accounts you should be following

Instagram has become one of the pillars of the book world. It's got so much going for it: an easy way to connect with authors and reviewers and bloggers, yes! Beautiful creative outpourings, definitely yes. A great way to generate buzz on new books, always. An awesome community, for sure.

It's a huge rabbit hole to fall in to, one that I heartily recommend, particularly if you enjoy taking photos of books and fancy joining in. But it's also great just to lurk and enjoy other people's photos and get a heads up on new and exciting books - it's a winning situation for everyone!

So here are five of my favourite Instagram profiles that I love catching up with!

She's sassy, a brilliant writer, incredibly creative, and has the most colourful set up I have ever seen. Plus she isn't afraid to get crushed by a teetering pile of books in pursuit of the perfect photo! I adore Cait's pictures and they never fail to brighten my day.

Gorgeously creative, Xenatine's photos never fail to inspire me. They truly are stunning, and her style has evolved over time into some of the most incredible set ups.

You cannot go wrong with the combo bonus of beautiful photos, a truly gorgeous cat, and some Hufflepuff pride. Michelle's photos always make me smile.

Becky's flatlays are truly gorgeous, I love seeing new photos from her pop up on my feed. Plus I've been introduced to some really fantastic books through her posts, which always makes me happy.

These photos are gorgeous. Inventive, filled with awesome props, and I love reading the captions.
She's put me onto some really great books through her pictures, and they're always so thoughtfully crafted - it was really tough to pick just one!

You can also check out my Instagram profile here!

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