Thursday, 29 December 2011

11 Favourite Covers of 2011

2011 has been a year of really beautiful covers, whoever has been designing them, I take my hat off to you; they’ve been fab! So below I’ve picked out eleven of my favourites, listed in no-particular order, complete with pictures to ooh and ahh over!

Entwined by Heather Dixon

Simple yet elegant, the figure running away with all the greenery and the pretty dress, combine that with the title and it’s a cover that immediately caught my interest. I always find it fascinating what works and what doesn’t, and for me often hiding as much as is revealed is a great way to peak my curiosity. In this case the girl running away (what from? Who is she?) Immediately sparked. Pair that with the title and the blurb and I was sold. Add to that the setting that is revealed, the gardens and a castle and I was offered an immediate insight into the book I’d be getting.

Dearly, Departed by Lia Habel

In my review I talk about how the UK cover differs from the US cover, and how that completely changed my perception of the book. The US cover was very dark and gothic and not overly appealing, yet everything about this cover makes me want to read it. The fire, the southern belle/Victorian garb, the dashing, and most likely dead young man and the pretty lady, and let’s not forget the zombies shambling about in the background… All a recipe to make me squeal and want to start reading it straight away.

The End Specialist by Drew Magary

This cover was so eye catching it was the reason I kept going back to the book until I bought it. It’s such a simple picture, incredibly clever and effectively sums up the entire book in one simple drawing. Death has been defeated – let’s see how much havoc we can wreak with eternity…

The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

Whoever designed the cover for the hardback of this book should have a medal for the sheer amount of thought and care that obviously went into its creation. Not only is it a beautiful hardback book in red with a clock embossed on the front and bowler hats inside, but the dust jacket is equally beautiful with the circus and the two main players depicted in black and white. The book has a red tie to mark your page, and exquisite depictions of the night sky throughout, and the pages are edged in black. The whole thing is gorgeous to behold and makes the magic of reading the book even more tangible.

I’ll Be There by Holly Goldberg Sloan

This cover is just so beautiful. Raised textured surface to give you the stars, and the simple scene depicted that tells you so much and yet nothing at all. The two figures on the edge of a cliff, highlighted in the beam of the cars headlights. It just caught me so utterly. Whilst it gives an impression on the screen, actually holding the book reveals so much more of the beauty and detail in the cover. Whilst I wasn’t so fussed on the book itself, this cover will remain one of those lodged in my head for its beauty for a long time to come.

Wither by Lauren deStefano

I got so over excited when I first saw this. The slightly quirky writing, the intriguing girl with the bird in the cage, and then the circles and lines immediately guiding us to the things we needed to focus on. The girl, the wedding ring on her hand, and the bird trapped in the cage. It was a very different and refreshing change for a cover, and I loved the highlights that drew the eye and simultaneously told you quite a bit about the book without even looking at the blurb. Covers are meant to tell you about the story, they should be the first key point of contact that alerts you to what you might find in the pages, and sometimes they aren’t as clear or as well done, but this is a case in point of a brilliantly well done cover that tells me everything I need to know that this is a book I want to read.

Darkest Mercy by Melissa Marr

All of the Wicked Lovely book covers have been gorgeous, but there is something about this final book in the series that just makes my mouth water. Very similar to the first book with the frosted flowers, the combination of colour and ice and frost make this a truly decadent cover. It makes me shiver and want to stroke it every time I see it – which either shows I’m going insane or that they really got this cover spot on. Or possibly both.

Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare

All of Cassie Clare’s covers are gorgeous. Stroke of genius, complete and utter genius. And it’s got Jem on the front, and I’m a sucker for Jem. Elegant and refined, with such an attention to detail that is slightly mind boggling.
I just love the whole feel and tone of the cover. Whilst Clockwork Angel was darker, this has an aura of grey and silver, perfectly complimenting the image of Jem. And it doesn’t hurt that Jem is particularly yummy…

The Vespertine by Saundra Mitchell

Again, similar to my reaction to ‘entwined’, this cover offers us a girl running away, only it gives us more of the girl and less of anything else. Whilst we had a better sense of place with the first one, ‘The Vespertine’ focuses almost entirely on the girl. There’s just something about it that really got me, and put it immediately onto my wishlist.

The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater

I really wasn’t all that fussed on the hardback cover, it was very muted, very quiet and not as eye catching as the paperback. The stark contrast of the red and black with the gorgeous silhouette of the horse make this into a cover you won’t easily forget.
Warm Bodies by Isaac Marrion

I’m a very tactile person. Hugs, soft cushions, raised bits on book covers, I’m there. And with this the blood vessels being raised and lumpy was morbidly fascinating, and left me a little bit queasy. It’s such a simple design, white with the vessels, and yet it is so utterly effective. Sometimes simplicity is key, and in this case it was more than enough to have me pick up the book and fall in love for the first time ever, with a zombie.

Was your favourite not included? What were your favourite covers of 2011?

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