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The Vampire Diaries Review: The Hybrid

Previously on The Vampire Diaries: Stefan was a self sacrificing bum, Klaus was epic and terrifying, Jeremy’s being haunted, Caroline and Mrs Lockwood had a littler altercation and Elena finally learnt the truth about her Ripper boyfriend’s rampage.

Damon is actually looking pretty bummed out about Andie – had he actually come to care for her over the last few weeks? Or is he just peeved that Stefan actually did a real bad thing?
“Busy day you know, dead fake girlfriend and all.” Seriously, someone get the hugs out for him.
“Happy birthday Elena! Stefan killed Andie! Cake?”

I love this whole idea that Elena gets a silent breather phone call and instantly knows it’s her long lost love. You have to worry about the nature of their phone calls in the past… And what really irritates me about Elena at the moment is that Stefan is out killing people and putting them back together like human jigsaw puzzles, and she just goes ‘he loves me, he needs me!’ Has she actually managed to process properly what he’s doing? Or does she still think that Damon is just over exaggerating?

And why after all that can she seemingly forgive Stefan for anything literally, yet Damon does one bad thing and he’s struck off the friend list for most of Season 2?... HMMMM MISS GILBERT?

“Stefan’s gone – and I don’t just mean geographically.” This is going to be a good Damon episode, you can just feel it.
“If he was gone he wouldn’t have called.” Somedays I just want to hit Elena over the head with something heavy.

This relationship between Ric and Elena is not borderline inappropriate at this stage… No, not at all.
(On a side note – hairy chest!)
“Because I’m not the kind of person who checks out.” Touché Gilbert, touché.

“I get that we’re stuck together, but if we could just stop the chit chat that’d be great.” I love how much Klaus is trying to get Stefan to enjoy it, and how Stefan really is just point blank refusing. I’ll do your dirty work, but I won’t have fun doing it…

How have they heard of Klaus already? Has there been a werewolf alert sent out already?

Mrs Lockwood you sneaky woman, I no longer trust you. Those syringes make you look sneaky and scary. Is that Vervain or wolfsbane in that coffee pot?...
That’d be Vervain then…
“She snuck out?” Whoops, revealed too much.
“Oh and Caroline, she’s not a prostitute.” Hey, maybe Tyler will do the right thing this time…


TOPLESS MATT. I like whoever is making everyone topless today. Throw in naked Damon and I’m a happy girl.

Uh, how have they managed to get Jeremy finding stuff off the internet and not used Bing? How is this possible?
I like that everything he’s printed out looks like he’s made it all neat and pretty. Hey maybe there are little hearts and Mrs Jeremy Donovan written over the back pages. (I heart this bromance so bad right now.)
I love this storyline, I love Matt. And his pouty distress. Yay! Ouija board time?

Tyler and Elena are bonding some more? This is the best series ever.
Hold on, Tyler can pinpoint exact spots where werewolves congregate to change? And on her phone? Does he have some sort of wolfdar we haven’t been told yet.

Elena – little hike? The guy is three quarters alcohol right now…
“What? You’re the one who told me I could handle things on my own now.” I love how she’s throwing everything back in his face from last week. Spunky Elena makes me happy.
At least Ric admits he shouldn’t be driving.

I adore Klaus in all his twisted glory. I love that he’s so cocky and sure of himself, that he has no problem force feeding people blood and killing the, but he’ll give them a hug and stroke their hair as well. He’s just so twistedly brilliant.
And I love that Stefan looks like he’s getting off on all of this despite feigning boredom and goodytwoshoesness.

Is Tyler actually playing pool by himself? He so sweet.
I’m so glad that Matt and Tyler are sort of managing to be civil together – even if they’re not ok yet. “Do you uh, is this like the kind of thing that you need another person for?”
Matt you’ve come such a long way.
Is this just national Vervain day?

Oh hey HRG/Bill. I like him already. “She’s a vampire Carol, we do what we have to.”

“You were a boy scout weren’t you?” Is that FLIRTING? I really love how weird this is between them.
“You came stocked didn’t you.”
“Well we aren’t exactly birdwatching.”
This is just weird – they’ve waited this long to discuss supplies? And Elena really thinks that they’re going to manage any of this without  a lot of killing supplies? She shouldn’t be this naïve after this long.

Oh for gods sake Ric, take the ring. She dragged you into this and at least this way you know you won’t die?
“I’d feel bad if I got you killed before happy hour.”
I love the complete lack of subtlety over Ric’s drinking problem. And the fact that he just grins about it.
Elena is stripping?...
I LOVE DAMON SO MUCH RIGHT NOW. Childlish, yet brilliant – just shove her in the lake. For a minute I thought Ric was being an idiot and caving to her ridiculous demands.

“There, good as new.” Uh, Klaus, might want to look in the dictionary and redefine the word ‘new’.
“You don’t arm yourself after war has been declared – you build your army so big that no-one ever dares to fight you.”
“That’s something you’ll learn once you shake that horribly depressive shift off your shoulder.”

Ray: *bleeds from his eyeballs*
Stefan: That shouldn’t be happening should it?
Klaus: Well obviously…
I love this pairing. Seriously season 3 has the best pairings at the moment for epic storylines.

I love how childish Damon and Elena are being. “Right now both of you are acting like idiots.”

I also love that Damon’s retaliation when Elena won’t get out of the water, is just to get into the water with her. That’s right Damon, play your audience – the girls can never resist you when you’re wet.
Seriously Elena, go back home and play with your crayons until your logic and good plans make a reappearance.

Also loving how the two of them are just so … there are no words to describe the cuteness and the electricity between them. So far the idea of them hasn’t gotten boring – I just really hope they don’t push it too far before making a move.

“Ok – ok. But we are out of here before the moon rises and I’m werewolf bait.”
“Ok I promise.”
“Unless you want to re-live that whole death bed kissy thing.”
“I said I promise.”
I love these two. There are no words.

Ray: Why don’t I feel better?
Klaus: …
Stefan: Some master race…
Klaus: Lose the attitude. Also that weird I told you so face you’re pulling. It creeps me out.
Ray: *runs away*
Klaus: Fetch!
Stefan: *eyebrows*
Klaus: *stern look*
Good plan Ray, very good plan.

Does Elena not get the whole ‘they all have really good hearing and will come for you from miles away’ thing?
“I could carry you – one quick whoosh…”
“Yeah knowing my luck, you’d drop me.”
“What are you guys, twelve?”
Hey Ric, what’s all this acting like an adult thing you’re doing today? It’s weird and looks kind of sexy on you.

Also, how the hell does Klaus not hear them?!?
And why does he look so cheerful at all the bleeding people? EYE BLEED!

“Let’s skip the part where we pretend we don’t know about the vampires in this town.”
FINALLY some HONESTY around here. That and I love these scenes between mommy Lockwood and Tyler, they are so few and far between but I love how these two play off each other.
“You cant be with her, she’s a monster.”
“You don’t know about me, do you?”
Uhho, are we about to initiate someone else into the covenant of the wolf?

Oh goody, our trio of explorers are about to be ripped to shreds! What larks!
That and Damon gets to kick ass and look cool.

Jeremy, personal items? Get out of her underwear box…
I’m so glad the writer’s decided to go down this route – whilst I’m not fussed on Vicki, I liked her arc and I’m curious to see where they take it now to complete that story.

Run! Run for the hills! Wait, we’re in the hills! Run, run for the car! Ok!

I love the zombified wolves – they look genuinely terrifying. Although I wish they lived longer. Although maybe not Ray, he looks too excited about the idea of chowing down on Damon.

I am however, loving Ric actually stepping up and being a responsible adult. How long has it been since his last drink?

How has Mommy Lockwood genuinely been kept in the dark over the wolf curse? Her disbelief and confusion and Tyler’s determination to show her what’s wrong with him is heart breaking. I love it, but it makes me want to hug them all.

Yay! Fight scene!
Yeah sure Stefan, everyone believes you… That seemed far too like brotherly bonding than bugger off and leave me alone.

I’m so glad that they didn’t string out the Ric abandoning Elena and Jeremy thing for too long. I get why he went off, but I’m glad that they have this talk and that Elena convinces him that they’re all lost and they need him. I like it when Ric’s trying to be all parental.

“Can you just give me a minute to appreciate that you’re not dead?”
“I’ll give you ten seconds. Nine, eight –hey Ric, you don’t know where I parked my car do you?” Manhandling, check. Snarky one liners, check, Elena being a grump, check. I love them acting like children around each other.

Apologies and beer – this is the best bromance ever. This is close to whiskey and talking about spunky girls with Damon and Ric.
Hey look Jeremy – underwear!
I am so glad that these two can talk about their missing memories around Vicki, I think it was something that needed to be addressed, and I like that the two of them can do it together.
This is brilliant, that she can see Matt but he can’t see her but he knows she’s there. Oooo don’t trust her? Argh who to believe!? I’m kind of thinking Anna on this one. She always came across as more trustworthy.

“They went rabid, some of them I killed, the others just bled out. But in the end they’re all dead. I did everything I was told, I should be able to turn them.”
This is terrifying. I know we’ve had hints of another bigger badder, but to actually see one? Worse than Klaus? Someone even he obeys? This is going to be fricking awesome.

“It appears you’re the only comrade I have left.” I actually feel sorry for Klaus, which is weird. Although I’m sad we didn’t get to see him fighting off all the rabid hybrids.

Ah Damon and you’re late night pj visits with Elena, I love them so.
“I was wrong.”
“Are you drunk?”
Can’t blame her for asking, there is a precedent.
“Is he ok?”
“No Elena, he’s not ok. He’s an insufferable martyr who needs his ass kicked.”

Ok I love this whole scene, it reminds me quite a bit of the scene in ‘Rose’ only this time Elena remembers and talks to him. I also love that Damon has a moral compass that won’t let him steal his brothers girl whilst he’s gone, but he has no problem waiting and doing it when Stefan gets back.
“Because when I drag my brother back from the edge and deliver him to you, I want you to remember the things you felt while he was gone.”
I also love Elena’s response to him. No matter how much she denies she likes him, she always looks disappointed in these moments where he almost kisses her and doesn’t.
I also think it’s progress that when Ric asks if she knows what she’s doing, that she finally admits that really, she has no idea.
Also, big thumbs up for the fact that Ric is upstairs which effectively means he’s moving in baby!

I’m so glad Mommy Lockwood finally knows. But I love that when she says she’ll take care of it, what she means is that she now realizes that the best woman her son is ever going to marry is a vampire who won’t be able to go in the church…

Oh Caroline baby! I’ve missed you all episode. And you look like you need a hug.
DADDY?! OH DEAR GOD THAT’S BRILLIANT. I am so glad that they’ve brought her Daddy in, and as a bad ass! Seriously, this is going to be a brilliant storyline!
And on that note…. Blackout.

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