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The Vampire Diaries: The Dinner Party

'The Dinner Party'
Stabbings, secrets and iphones replacing 
vampy super powers.
Tonight’s episode was freaking awesome.

So tonight is another reaction post, with my thoughts, quotes and comments about the episode as I watch it.

OOOOO Stefan’s evil past and dark misdeeds. I love it. I have been waiting for this for way too long. What I’m not liking is that the fight between Stefan and Elena appears to have carried over into today. After all, why else would Stefan be broodingly skimming stones and talking to his brother, and leaving Elena to find out all about his bad side without him there to censor it? Seriously why is he not censoring it? He always censors stuff. That and grabbing people’s faces and forcing them to look at him. He gets a little handsy when he’s stressed.

Damon, whilst I may enjoy you giving Stefan a blow by blow account of what you’ve done since waking up this morning (although I have a feeling you left out the morning sex) I’m not too sure Stefan’s impressed. I also don’t think he or I believe you’re genuinely going to be careful. You don’t know the meaning of the word.

“It’s a joke Ric, lighten up.”  I love you Elijah. I have a feeling I will be repeating this a lot for the next hour. (On a side note, Elijah and Jenna would make a cute, if creepy couple, and Ric playing the jealous other half does not work. Although he has good reason to what with Jenna introducing him as her ‘friend.’ Burn.)

“What you doing?”
“Thinking about last night.”
“Yeah me too!” *teenage boy grin over the kinky kiss*
“It was a tough spell.”
That’s the equivalent of a witchy bitch slap Jeremy. Wipe that smug ‘I’m getting some’ look off your face. Bonnie is so past it.

“Maybe you could come over tonight, we could practice… Get stronger…” Yeah Jeremy, your witch powers are gonna be really useful here… Also, stop thinking dirty double meanings. You’re too young for that.

Ah Luca, you’ve finally twigged Bonnie is an evil manipulating witch, and are responding in an appropriate fashion. None of that ‘hey you channelled me and nearly killed me, but you’re cute so I forgive you!’ You tell her!

Yeah that’s right Stefan, Elena knows about your dirty past. So get that judgey look off your face. Although I kinda sympathise, she is being a douche over this one, but you’re not helping. You’re both as stubborn as each other, and until one of you gives a little, she’s going to get killed, and you’re gonna be pissed. Which would be a sad note to end it on.

“I want you to know the truth, but I want you to hear it from me.” SO I CAN CENSOR IT AND MAKE YOU LOVE ME AGAIN. Just kidding, I do love Stefan really, but he’s grumping too much today.

Stefan is so needy, Elena should notice the warning’s here. Seriously, he acts all macho, and then gets all whiney as soon as it looks like Damon might stand up to him and he won’t get what he wants after all. I don’t like this Stefan very much. (Although seeing him act more like the present day Damon is fun.) It makes me not trust present day Stefan, because surely all these characteristics are still in there. Hell we know they are, him getting angry at the guy who got snarky with Elena in season one ring any bells?

“It sounds like you were Damon.”

“I was worse.”

I love Damon and Andie, no matter how weird and creepy it is that she acts so ok with being compelled left right and centre. I love it…

Ric, jealousy is not a good look on you.
(P.S Still love Elijah.)

FINALLY. Katherine has been in that tomb for ages. It’s nice to see her finally showing a few signs of desiccating. Although was shocked to see Damon on the other end of the blood bottle.

I love the banter between the two of them. It’s weird, but I like it. Although I don’t trust a word that comes out of Katherine’s mouth what with her and John being all BFF’s again.

“For weeks I kept spiralling, constantly driven by the need for blood – here have some coffee!” Sorry. The moment made me laugh. I’ll shush now.

“How come no-one caught on to what you were doing?”
“Because I am sly like a ninja. And you know, there was a war. Dead people just wasn’t doing it for Mystic Falls anymore.”

Some weird, twisted part of me loves Bad Ass Stefan. Oh how the mighty have fallen.


(On a brief side note for anyone who has read the appalling bits of tree stapled together and labelled ‘Stefan’s Diaries’ do we not think they might have wanted to save writing those until they’d shown episodes like this, if they were going to attempt to mimic the TV show’s plots? *sigh*)

Lexi reminds me a lot of Caroline. This is just getting better and better.

“Talking about her brings up things I’d rather forget.”
“Like Damon killing her.” Subtlety has never been your strong point, has it Miss Gilbert.

“There’s no such thing as a bad idea – just poorly executed awesome ones.” You know Damon, that might be my quote of the week, or failing that, my new mantra. I love. Ric, stop being so whiney. Combine with the hairdo and you’re practically turning into Stefan…

Neeeever trust Damon’s scout’s honour – knowing him he possibly had one for lunch.

Damon’s way of dealing with topics that make him uncomfortable – “stop talking.”

“Oh God.” *nervous laugh* Any boy’s dream reaction to setting up a romantic setting with candles when the girl they kissed the night before is coming over to practice magic. Oh my head hurts.

“You did like it right?” Ok, I am joining my best friend on the Team Jeremy banner for the next five minutes. He is beyond adorable.

“No nothing dishonourable, just getting to know you and your insides intimately.”
“Well that’s good.” I LOVE YOU ELIJAH. Seriously, I never thought anyone could compete with my impassioned love for Damon, but you know, Elijah is totally doing it for me.

“Andie’s a journalist – big on facts.” Ahahahahaha. Sorry I’m having another moment. When have the MF press ever been ‘big on facts’?

“Some say you could hear the screams from miles around as they burned – could you pass the uh – ” I love your dinner talk Elijah, it makes every dinner party I’ve ever had seem bland in comparison.

“It must be brandished by human’s alone.” Oooo crap. This is not good. This is very not good. Quick Stefan, get out your product placement iphone and call Damon! Stat!

For anyone not familiar, that would be the ‘you bastard why did you not tell me this’ face that Elena is currently sporting.

“So let me guess, in addition to the moonstone, the doppelganger, the lion, the witch and the wardrobe.” Oh Damon, you crack me up.

Seriously, both the tension and my love for this episode are growing by the second. Damon and Ric’s note passing charade! It makes me happy. And giggly. They are way too cute when they’re feeling grumpy and betrayed. Although thank god Ric got their in time. You know for a second there, I thought Stefan might actually have to use his vampy powers and run back to the house to warn Damon. But for the wonders of technology.

“Of course she hates him (UJ) so there is absolutely no need to keep him on the endangered species list.” Oh Damon, I will love you and Elijah both. I cannot decide between your wits.


I refuse to believe it. I will be distraught if this turns out to be it for him.
I love how even Damon looks a little bit freaked by the new bad ass Ric. Yeah that’s right. You get a spine, we’ll all judge you.

Whilst Stefan and Elena are both peeving me for separate reasons, I also love them both for it. I love that they’re actually fighting, that it’s not all paradise lake house, and they’re acting like a real couple. Admittedly real couples don’t usually fight about sacrificing themselves for a vampire curse, but hey, the essence is still the same.

“That’s all I want you to do, I just want you to fight for it.” I love how they also make up their fights, and for once Stefan is actually backing down a little. He still doesn’t want her to die, but I think he’s finally twigged that his bull headed approach was never in a million years going to work.

Role reversal! Sulky Damon, bad ass Ric. I like it. More please. Also, corpse carrying, every males bonding experience!

“So long as the dagger stays in place, the original is to all intents and purposes dead.” I’m actually doing a little victory dance right now. Thank God Ric took the dagger out. Although Elijah is gonna be pissed when he wakes up…

Uhho. Elijah wasn’t joking when he said he’d take her away. Damon/Ric – you did a bad thing not listening to the creepy old dude. Can we make a new name for them to celebrate their bromance? Something like Ramon or Dic? Oh the possibilities for fun are endless.

Bonnie, I thought you were going to be practicing real magic, not playing peekaboo with the fire. 

Jeremy, do not encourage her. I want real spells dammit. Do you not remember asking her about sex spells eight episodes back? Where has your boyish enthusiasm gone??

Not cool Daddy Witch, totally not cool You do not steal a girls powers. Although that door slamming thing was quite cool. But that does not excuse you from the stealy!

Maybe it was just because it was wood, but the pebble thing was not nearly as cool as when he did it with the change on the window. Maybe it was the lack of screaming that followed too. Elena is way too ok with vampires destroying her things.

WOAH WOAH WOAH WOAH. My brain just exploded. Or imploded. Or something. Ploding took place.

1)      Oh my word she is good at negotiating
2)      I love that he calls her bluff
3)      I love that she actually goes through with it, and not some nice easy wrist slitting, but a shot to the abdomen! Cooool!
4)      Yay for Elijah realizing he might possibly have been an idiot
5)      OMG she just stabbed him?!?!?!?!?! Elijah baby! They can’t do this to you! Twice in one night? This was so not what you signed up for.
6)      Thank god someone used their super speedy vampy powers tonight. I would have felt cheated if iphones had replaced their cool powers. What good are vampires if apple are just going to create bits of technology that negate any need for them? Hm?

Also, love how Damon kinda looks like he’s perving on Elena drinking Stefan’s blood.

I want to cry, but at the same time Jenna deserves the truth… Oh the dilemmas! Seriously how do these people cope with the stresses that come with living in Mystic Falls? Ric had better man up and give it to her… Not all of it, cos I’m not sure how that would work exactly with Jenna knowing all of it – but at the same time, it could be really interesting.

Urgh, UJ does not deserve his ring back. I want to punch him. WHY DID RIC NOT PUNCH HIM??

“So as long we keep the dagger in, he stays dead?”
“Pretty much.”
Ok you’ve had your fun. Somebody take the dagger out now. I want Elijah back. I miss him already…

Salvatore boys, I have one word for you. Whipped.

You know what, I’m actually kind of glad Damon doesn’t apologise for Lexi. It would be wrong if he did. I like the devil may care lets stake some people Damon of old. But I also like this new slightly more emotional Damon. And I like the balance they’re striking with him at the moment.

That Lexi Damon moment is actually heart breaking. I love it.

Yes ladies and well, ladies, that look on Damon’s face says quite clearly ‘like hell am I going to give you a robe, I’m going to make the most of the fact you look like the woman I’m in love with and accidentally cry out Elena’s name when we have sex in thirty seconds.’

P.S. I love Katherine.

P. P. S The preview for next week’s episode looks freaking awesome. Katherine/Elena hijinks!

(also I like to think that Caroline and Matt were making out in her bedroom for the entirety of this episode.)

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