Sunday, 28 November 2010

A brief explanation

Sometimes people need warning when crazyness is about to occur. Some people prefer not to and simply to have it happen around them, but then there are those who get angry and shouty when crazyness happens without warning.
Consider this your warning.

I love books - mostly young adult, usually fantasy, but with a healthy dose of chick lit, normal fantasy and an obscene amount of paranormal romance thrown in (plus any other books that just look too tempting or fall into my hands at the book store.)
I love TV - I tend to get sucked in and obsess over them in a way that fourteen year olds have down perfectly, although I try to convince myself I do it with a little more grace and style. I'm not entirely sure how successful I am.
I also love writing. I write and then I talk to people about my writing and then I tell my writing I've been talking about it behind its back and it all goes downhill from there until I apologise and we get back to it again.

I figured since I have far too much time on my hands that I wanted to share a little of my obsessive crazyness for all three of these things with the interwebs and anyone who happens to stumble here and can't find their way out again (it's ok there are cookies to make it all ok again.)
A note of caution, most television reviews will be done once the show has aired in America, and may not have necessarily have aired in the UK yet, but everything will be duly marked with spoilery warnings.

Any questions feel free to email or poke or stalk me on twitter, and I shall commence bombardment soon.

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