Thursday, 17 March 2016

Review: Because of Miss Bridgerton by Julia Quinn

Publication Date: March 29th 2016
Publisher: Piatkus
Length: 352 pages

Huge thanks to Netgalley and Piatkus for sending me a copy in exchange for an honest review

Sometimes you find love in the most unexpected of places...
This is not one of those times.
Everyone expects Billie Bridgerton to marry one of the Rokesby brothers. The two families have been neighbors for centuries, and as a child the tomboyish Billie ran wild with Edward and Andrew. Either one would make a perfect husband... someday.
Sometimes you fall in love with exactly the person you think you should...
Or not.
There is only one Rokesby Billie absolutely cannot tolerate, and that is George. He may be the eldest and heir to the earldom, but he's arrogant, annoying, and she's absolutely certain he detests her. Which is perfectly convenient, as she can't stand the sight of him, either.
But sometimes fate has a wicked sense of humor...
Because when Billie and George are quite literally thrown together, a whole new sort of sparks begins to fly. And when these lifelong adversaries finally kiss, they just might discover that the one person they can't abide is the one person they can't live without...

Every now and again I find myself needing a chicken soup read. Something I know will make me laugh, will make me swoon, and most importantly, will have a Happily Ever After. Capitals included.

And the author I know without a doubt will always offer me exactly what I need when I need it most? Julia Quinn. I fell in love with the Bridgerton’s a decade ago and so it was wonderful to be back with them once more – albeit a generation earlier.

This latest has all the trademarks that I’ve come to love in Julia’s novels. It’s funny, at points I found myself laughing out loud. It offers engaging and interesting characters who you genuinely come to care for. It gives you all the butterfly and swoon-worthy moments you could wish for, without veering too much into steamy territory. In short, it’s a quick, amusing read that offers the perfect chicken soup.

I did find myself slightly frustrated by one or two points. There’s a sub plot that comes into play in the last part of the novel that felt a little too rushed and thrown in at the end without due time to play out. I also found myself noticing a few modern phrases and Americanisms sprinkled throughout – the first time I’ve noticed that in a Quinn novel. There was also a lack of the usual peril and urgency that often comes with romance novels. Usually some circumstance or misunderstanding causes tears and upsets galore, but was missing from this one. Not that I’m complaining, it was nice to have a little less drama and more of our hero and heroine getting along and snarking at each other.

All in all this was a wonderful read. Not my favourite of Quinn’s novels, but a wonderful book all the same. If you’re after a light historical romance to pass an afternoon or evening, then this is definitely one to pick up.

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  1. I absolutely adore Julia Quinn. She makes a story come alive to the point where you can't put it down. I've always is a special place in my heart for the Bridgerton family and Billie's story may now be my favorite. I absolutely adore George and Billie's chemistry and relationship. I won't give any spoilers but just know that you will love love love this book!