Friday, 11 April 2014

The End of a Long Hiatus

Sometimes life has a terrible habit of getting in the way of other things I’d rather be doing – like reading. Unfortunately the last year and a bit has been full of every kind of distraction imaginable, including numerous hospital stays both for myself and my Mum, new friends and old friends, amazing happenings and terrible things, moving to Edinburgh then France, and finally getting engaged and planning a wedding…
All things I never quite expected at the start of 2013. As a result reading kind of took a back seat, as did reviewing. I never seemed to have any time to pick up a book, never mind trying to record my thoughts about it afterwards, and in those rare moments when I actually felt like trying to read, it ended up being old favourites that I have read so many times the words seem to be imprinted on the insides of my head.
However, a new year comes with new challenges and a whole new 365 days to read in. Well technically now it’s significantly less than that, but who’s really counting…
As a result you can expect to see normal service resuming on this blog (for real this time) and also a whole new shiny blog to keep up with my adventures living in France. So if books are your thing, feel free to stick around with regular reviews and updates here. And if watching a decidedly English girl who had never left the country prior to this move, flounder around in the second largest city in France is your thing, feel free to check out my new shiny adventuring blog which will be up and running soon.

I’ve missed you readers and lurkers, and I can’t wait to start sharing books again.

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  1. I'm so glad you're back! Really looking forward to hearing more from you :)