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The Vampire Diaries: Klaus Review

Dum dum duuuuuh....

Welcome back to this weeks OMFG reaction review of The Vampire Diaries…

Previously On The Vampire Diaries: Doppelganger hijinks, big bad soapstone curses, Klaus is still old and still coming after Elena, Alaric went schiz, and ELIJAH BABY.

Hm, Elena, it’s all well and good watching over Elijah to try and pretend you’re going to have some semblance of control over the situation when he wakes up, but have you not considered how icky he looks? That guy is going to need a blood bag, and you look to be the only one in the vicinity… Shut the door, have this conversation through the cell bars… Please?

Yeah he’s pissed… (and yet highly handsome and vulnerable at the same time. I’ve missed you Elijah…)

What is it with these people when they’ve been deprived of blood/vervained/crazyfied/dead for a while, they all forget about Elena? I mean I guess Katherine is more memorable. But surely Elijah would have some recollection of the doppelganger?...

TREVOR! All the hunky old dead guys are coming out the woodwork for this party.

Forget Teams Stefan and Damon – after that little interlude, I am practically swooning on Team Elijah and Katherine. I’ll try to make this the last time I say it (although I will be thinking it LOTS) I love Elijah and have missed him hugely. He’s one of the best characters this show has brought on and an awesome actor to boot, and I am so glad he’s not going to spend any more time rotting in the cellar. He’s so much sexier when he’s alive.

Ok now maybe some blood?... Before he starts killing the one person EVERYONE HAS BEEN DYING TO PROTECT? What a way to go though, after all the hassle of the sacrifice “where’s Elena?” “Oh I was hungry so I ate her earlier.” “WTF?”

Also, props to the awesome acting in this scene, Elijah is both creepy and huggable, and probably has a concussion after vamp speeding it into that door frame.

Wow, so when an uninvited vamp wakes up in a house they’re not allowed in they go crazy. Interesting titbit that. No one thought to take Elijah's daylight ring off him JUST IN CASE?

Either Elena is really smart or really stupid giving him that dagger… But then 
Elijah has sworn all along that he wants to kill Klaus, so maybe it’ll work out. And at least they still have the white ash, so maybe it might be ok… Maybe.
Seriously, give that guy some blood soup and clean clothes, and possibly a hug.

Wow Andie Star’s back – where has she been? Working? Or knowing Damon, probably tied up in his bedroom…

It’s a big house Stefan, stop freaking out just because she’s not in bed with you.
Snark Points: 3 to Damon.
Also, weirdest conversation ever for Damon and Andie. I feel kind of ill.

“No she didn’t.”
“OH YES SHE DID. And it’s going to be awesome.” Get some coffee, it’s going to be a long day.

Katherine, clean and in a fresh dress. What has she done to make KlausRic like her again?

Also nice exposition. “Why would you do that here? There’s so many people ready to stop you.”
“I have to, it’s the birth place of the doppelganger.”
Well at least we have a reason to keep the action local.

Hold on – so 250 years of torture has just been wiped clean, because Klaus remembered he slaughtered all of Katherine’s family, so that makes them even?... I think Ric’s hair is making Klaus go fuzzy.

AH finally, she’s gotten bored of the ‘here let me come save you!’ thing from Stefan. He does it so often it does get a little boring. “No Stefan, Elijah and I need some time alone.” Take that however you will…

Also, giggles over “Elijah is a noble man Stefan, he lives by a code of honour, I can trust him.” Either Elijah is enjoying having his ego stroked, or he’s laughing inside at her trust. I’m hoping for ego.

This girl gets more like her evil twin every day. “And make sure Damon doesn’t do anything stupid.” Add an ounce more snark and you’ve got Katherine.
Aw pants, are we sure giving him your phone was a good idea? NO.

“Did she just hang up on you?”
“She did.”
“She’s lost it.”

“That might be your plan – mine’s better.” You know for the older sibling, Damon spends a lot of time acting like the younger one… And so the sibling rivalry begins to emerge. This is one the things discussed in interviews that I’m most curious to see develop.

I like Klaus’s entrance – even if it is in the past. The guy spends an age offering you half glimpses of him. What a way to tease the ladies.
Oh and he’s perfected the art of the smouldering look. Damon, you’ve got competition.

Real Klaus is going to be so much better than KlausRic – I have tingles.

Jenna – let the fallout begin…
“Where’s Elena and Jeremy? No one’s answering their phones.”
“Urhm, Elena is with an evil original vampire, and Jeremy has no signal, being in a dilapidated mansion. I MEAN SCHOOL. THEY ARE AT SCHOOL.”
Does this mean Jenna might finally learn the truth?

Also, leaving Damon on his own just because he’s being an ass? Rookie mistake.
Although going rogue does sound like it’s going to be fun.

Brother? BROTHER? Is this just a figure of speech or are we going to have another awesome example of sibling rivalry?
WHAT? They’re freaking brothers? Oh good god. This is awesome.
“I’m a little behind on the times, but I believe the term you are searching for is OMG.”

OMGWTF is slightly more like it darling. You’re like Stefan and Damon, but if Damon hadn’t fallen in love and discovered he might possibly have a conscience, and you know, BADDER. Eesh I love the writers.

Excellent. Katherine is home alone – let’s get drunk!
And Team Rogue arrives. Oh god. Things could get messy.
Ha! Nice bit of compulsion work – couldn’t just make it that she can’t get past the door, no, let’s not even have her be able to touch the knob.

Oh pants – trust Ric to get there fast with HIS NORMAL HUMAN SPEED. After all, it’s not like Stefan has super speed for emergencies. This guy really needs to get his head in the game.

Yes, my theory was correct! Or at least my random musing I really hoped might come true. They are actually a family, related by blood. Oh this just got way cooler. Please let us meet more of them – that would be an awesome family dynamic I REALLY want to see.

“I need some air, still feeling a tad – dead.”

Damon’s methods are way more interesting than Stefan’s and possibly more useful when it comes down to it. Stefan is having a battle off with Klaus that he can’t possibly win – Damon’s busy making allies.
“You owe me, and I will collect.”

KlausRic: Let’s play with knives!
Jenna: When did you get so crazy – I’m going to back away now.
Stefan: *HeadPalm*
Jenna: What the hell is going on?
KlausRic: I am here to tell you my terrible secret – I am obsessed with Vampires!
Stefan: *HeadPalm*
Jenna: You’re joking, right?
KlausRic: Not at all – Stefan likes Vampires too!
Stefan: Lets try and turn this into a less creepy discussion about literature.
KlausRic: Not going to happen, because I love Werewolves too!
Jenna: I think I have a migraine.
KlausRic: Lets talk about death some more – this lunch is fun!

Oh good lord this is brilliant.
Elijah: “Yeah so all of the handy hints and tips and books you’ve been researching from – we made all of those. Well Klaus did – whilst drunk.”
Elena: “But why?”
Elijah: “Because the easiest way to find you and the moonstone was if EVERONE was looking for you.”
Elena:” Huh?”
Elijah: “Yeah, that whole Aztec curse thing – totally fake. We were just bored one night and made that up instead of playing scrabble.”

You’ve got to be kidding me – after all the crazy talk, Jenna still sat down and had lunch with these moron’s? Damon is so having a more productive day.
Just thinking about this from Jenna’s perspective for a moment, where her boyfriend isn’t possessed but is pulling a knife on her? Bad. Day.
Also, KlausRic is scarier this week.

Oh crap. Well I think that’s their cover blown – Stefan has never been great at controlling his face. And between that and holding a knife to her bf’s neck, Jenna may need therapy for a while after this.

I know KlausRic is technically a baddy right now, but Stefan has some serious anger issues he needs to work on.

Ohkay… This is getting more awesome by the minute.

Elijah: There’s a curse, just not that curse, and this one is way worse. It’s been places on Klaus and he’s been trying to break it for a loooong time – oh and you’re his only hope.
Elena: Right – so what’s this curse?
Elijah: Your phone will not stop its incessant buzzing – answer it please.

Way to just stretch out the tension there… Cos I have a feeling this answer is going to blow the whole thing right out of the water.

Bad timing there Stefan – I WANT TO KNOW WHAT THE NEW CURSE IS. Urgh, instead Jenna ‘needs’ Elena so we have to wait for AGES now. Stefan, I hate you right now.

Katherine: Mistress of chase games since the 1400’s.

Sidenote: I love Elijah. He’s gotten harder in the present, but flashback Elijah is totally awesome. And hot. Ahem. And completely overshadowed by his brother. Ah sibling rivalry, you have such fascinating roots, and such fabulous repercussions.

“Is it wrong to want more? True love is not real unless it is returned.” Also, I love Katherine before she got all evil and hell bent on saving herself. Stupid Klaus – ruined everything.
Elijah: I do not believe in love, Katerina.
Katherine: That is too sad for me to accept my Lord. Life is too cruel, if we cease to believe in love why would we want to live?

Katherine has a thing for brothers – and making them both fall in love with her. Or at least, one fall in love and one want to play. And then pitting them against each other for all eternity. Love triangles are so much more fun when they have eternity to play out.

FINALLY Jenna knows. And we had a pretty good normal reaction out of her too. I totally see where she’s coming from. It stopped being protecting her when EVERYONE ELSE knew about it. It just became cruel.
And for some reason that shot of Stefan hiding behind the door looking like he’d been punched in the stomach and might cry, made me more upset than Jenna. Huh.

Ok first off, that head toss etc as Elena walked away from Stefan – totally Katherine. That girl is morphing into her!
Second LOVE that Damon is getting all antsy about Elena going back, and all hands on again. I love it when he’s hands on.
Thirdly, OMG people, the tension building up between the brothers is awesome. LOVING IT. I cannot wait to see how this explodes…

And Katherine is back to getting drunk and dancing. Despite last week, this girl is having the most fun of EVERYONE right now. Dammit.
Ha, and then back to pouting and glowing as soon as KlausRic is back. Katherine? Have fun? Never.
Ooo scary tempremental KlausRic. He really does have a bit of a temper on him – and a new witch in tow… Awesome.

Katherine seems scared by the fact that Klaus proper has come to town. Hm. Will he be as cool as we’d hoped?

Is it just me or is Elijah (as well as being surprised that Elena actually came back) a little bit smitten with Elena what with her looking so much like 
Katherine… Now that would be a new one…

Eeee Klaus is a bastard – literally. Excellent.


Klaus is a Vampire AND a Werewolf? Does he turn on a full moon? What the? What the? What the….

Ok so the witches actually got in there and sorted out the wolfy side – so does this mean that if the curse is lifted he can be stronger than ever and both? This just got a lot cooler, and a lot scarier. I do not want to see VampWolf Klaus. KlausRic was bad enough.

Woah woah woah – so pulling out the dagger from Elijah doesn’t actually help them any because it can’t be used? I mean we got Elijah back so I’m not really complaining, but that’s a bit of a bummer.

Huh. So Bonnie is the only way after all. Guess she’ll be doing the double death by the end of the season. Unless we can convince Greta to help out…
So there might be a way to save the doppelganger?... Because Elijah totally has the hots for Katherine.

So Elena might not die after all? Might being the operative word here, because let’s face it, that girl is not good at staying out of trouble.

Damon is sexy when he’s angry and vindictive. Just felt like pointing it out.

“I will have one thing you’ll never have.”
“Oh yeah, what’s that?”
“Her respect.”
THWMP. Guess that fight is on…

“The two of you will come to no harm at my hands. I only ask for one thing in return.”
“And what’s that?”
“An Apology.”
“A what?” Someone needs to get Damon a dictionary for Christmas.

It’s been a while since Damon has openly broken down, so I suppose given the day he’s had, it was bound to happen. It’s truly impressive that he manages to be so angry and such a jerk, and still make you want to make everything ok for him because he’s hurting so much inside.

Ric’s back! Although whether he’ll have survived is another matter – that body ain’t moving.

Oooo I love Klaus. I think the casting was brilliant. And even though KlausRic wasn’t as terrifying as everyone had hoped, it was still a brilliant ploy to bring Klaus into play without revealing him.
And now the man himself has been revealed, and he seems a lot scarier…

I think the Vampire Diaries has just upped its game…
And that was potentially the best episode of the season – and we have had some freaking awesome ones.

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