Friday, 20 March 2015

Remembering Sir Terry Pratchett

We've all had some time for the news to sink in now, news that was not unexpected but no less devastating, that Sir Terry Pratchett has died. It was announced on his twitter in the most perfect way, and has sent shockwaves through the book world.

Pratchett's books have been a part of my family and my life since I was born. They have been an ever present staple of any bookshelf in any house I've lived in, and they taught me that the rule book is not always the only way and that books really can be anything. Reading his books shaped what I love to read today, and they remain some of my favourite books to come back to.

My video for Bookish Brits today is in memory of him, thanking him for all the wonderful ways he helped make the book world a more interesting, funny and brilliant place.

Over the next few months I will be posting reviews for Discworld novels as I revisit old favourites and discover stories I haven't yet dipped into.

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