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The Vampire Diaries: The Last Day Review

'The Last Day'
When the writer's proved they have no qualms breaking every viewers heart.

Spoilers galore. Don't read until you've watched the episode.

Previously on the Vampire Diaries: Elijah finally revealed he and Klaus are brothers (although surely Katherine has been sitting on this fabulous little nugget for ages too?) Jenna finally got clued in, Klaus is trying to break a curse on him to turn himself into his true Werepire self, Klaus is going to be a nightmare to kill, and Elijah has all the answers.

Shirtless Damon. Boy do they know how to make us love the episode from the out…
Shirtless and eavesdropping – he should become a spy. He’d make a good spy. Drinking, check. Womanising, check. Super sneaky vamp senses, check!

Elijah: Urgh I explained all this last week. You know what, I’m just going to do a picture chart to explain. Pass it around, make sure everyone’s up to speed…

Elena: No Bonnie can’t use that much power without dying.
Damon: I’ll write her a great eulogy!
Ah Damon, you sure know how to win a girls heart… I love you, let’s kill your best friend to save you, and to make up for it, I’ll throw her an awesome funeral, and then we can like, make out and stuff.

Ah, thanks for clearing that up Elijah – after all of last week’s revelations I wondered whether the ingredients list had changed at all. Turns out we’re still after the same things. Just as well we have a wolf boy supposedly on his way home…

Modern day Klaus!
Ha! Love how some of Klaus’ torture basically involves boring Kat to death while he flirts with other girls.

Elijah: This is an elixir I just happened to hide on your bookshelf. Had it for a few centuries – oh and it has mystical properties!
Yeah, you know all that awesome work the writer’s did to sort out the curse mess last week? Totally just undid some of it…

“So I’ll be dead?”
“And then you won’t!”
You know, that could almost be the sum up for this entire show.

I heart Damon.
“That’s your plan? A magical witch potion with no expiration date?”
I was a little worried, at least someone is questioning this elixir of awesomeness that no one else had managed to re-create for 500 years.

Woah woah woah, back up there sparky…
Damon: What if it doesn’t work?
Elena: Then I guess I’ll just be dead.
Damon: *splutters*
Stefan: *shrugs*
For someone who thought her sacrifice was ‘a waste’ and ‘he loves her forever’ Stefan isn’t doing a terribly good job at this. There’s being supportive, and then there’s just being a lame ass. I am totally on Damon’s side right now. Who need a boyfriend that’s just going to shrug over the idea of your impending demise? At least Damon is fighting for her.

Mrs Lockwood: Compelling time! Time to drag wolf boy home…
Good call Klaus.
Although witchy man mouthing the words like that is a mix of creepy and hilarious. Maybe he secretly wanted to pursue an acting career and can’t wait until all of this is over…

MUMMY LOCKWOOD! Ok, I have a bad feeling about this episode… When everyone’s been running round screaming ‘no one is safe, run for your lives’ I think they meant it…

We hadn’t even reached the title scene yet?! Oh boy…

Damon: *sips whiskey box*
Stefan: Breakfast of Champions huh?
Damon: I’m surrounded by idiots, I need all the help I can get.
I thought maybe Damon was taking things a little too far in his eternal Elena quest last week, but this week, totally on his team. Stefan’s being a douche.

Yeah Damon, you’re surrounded by idiots.

Elena: They can’t understand why I’m willing to do this!
Elijah: Why are you?
Elena: Because the bottle this elixir comes in is so pretty! Can I use it for perfume after this?

Um guys? Why aren’t we feeding her vampire blood as a precaution?
Oh please tell me that Damon does this at some point as a backup….

YES! You know all those weeks Jenna has been being lame and rubbish? Yeah she is totally making up for it by the fact that she is holding Ric up with a CROSSBOW. Awesome points.

Is it just me or did he get sexier whilst he was at werewolf camp?
He has also perfected his smoulder.

Matt is scarily good at this whole acting thing. How can he still be peeved with her? Look how cute she is!
Tyler had better knock some sense into him whilst he’s back.

Woah, Mommy Sheriff is being a bit creepy over having made a new friend…
Matt: I’ve been putting on the show of my life, but either she is too or she’s still the same Caroline!
Yes! Finally he is starting to see some sense! Mommy Sheriff however, is still being dense. Quel Sigh.
Wait she’s just going to leave Matt like that? Worst. Sheriff. Ever.

Damon – slayed by Elena doing something as simple as holding his hand. Well maybe not slayed, but at least a little confused and swiggly inside.
The pouting puppy look is back in style.

YES! Do I get points for calling it?
Why is she so opposed to the Vampy lifestyle, it’s not like it would make much difference. Blood bags, daylight ring, eternal life. BAM. Stop struggling you silly girl. Although Damon, really a bit of a douche move. Nice call back to 'you can make my life a misery' there - you'd think him of all people would realize being turned against your will can result in issues later in life..?

FISTFIGHT! Oh man I love this episode. Seriously the different ways and lengths these two will go to save her. I love how this is playing out.
Why is Stefan whinging so much? He and Damon stabbed each other loads at the start of series 1 and he never made quite as much fuss. Although getting Jenna involved is gooood. I can imagine she’s going to be quite the kick ass young woman after this.
Urgh Stefan stop the whingy ‘I’m Sorry’s’ why is he acting like he’s dying?

Totally understanding Damon’s motives right now, although he could have been more subtle about the blood thing… Ever heard of spiking someone’s drink? And, you know, possibly talking her round to the idea...

Yay! I’m so glad those two crazy kids are working it out. Someone should be happy around here… Although happiness only leads to misery, so how long until something tragic happens to them?

Yay, catch up between Caroline and Tyler!
I love how Trevino is playing Tyler since he’s been away. He’s a lot calmer, a lot stiller. It’s amazing but a little surreal after the ball of anger we got used to. I am loving it.

Also loving the fact that of course these two are going to get locked up and used tonight. Gives them chance to sort things out whilst they’re tied up.

You know that Damon is partly peeved to be seeing Klaus because now there’s someone else in town with better cheek bones than him.
When all else fails, Damon resorts to charm and persuasion…
Klaus: He is kidding right?
No… No, I don’t think Damon ever kids…

Oooo, totally awesome casting choice with Klaus. I have shivers.

Damon: You think if I took his werewolf out of the equation, she might get over the fact that I tried to turn her into a vampire?
Some people buy flowers, others chocolates and jewellery, no Damon tries to steal Elena a werewolf. The guy has style – you have to give him that.

So Stefan is effectively trying to out do Damon’s saving Elena thing, by making her climb a waterfall?... On the one hand AW, and on the other, seriously?
“It’s your last day as a human, why cheat now?”
Because she actually wants to be under a duvet eating as much chocolate as possible instead of climbing and talking about her feelings?...

Damon is possibly the most constructive person today, so he gets points for trying to do something other than wallow. And I was totally not expecting Damon to be collecting a favour in that form.
Ha! Katherine is not a happy bunny about being boob blocked by Elena for all eternity. Poor girl just can’t catch a break.
Urgh, the tomb? Really? These people have been alive so long their originality has long since gone.

Tyler: Who the hell’s Klaus?
Aw crap, someone needs to fill Tyler in quickly… This is what happens when you leave town, you miss valuable plot!

Elena: I’d never be able to watch Bambi again!
Yes, because on your list of priorities, that’s the biggest one.

Urgh I’m sorry, I know it’s supposed to be romantic and all, and they’re talking through their feelings, but right now I am completely bored with the soul searching walk.
Elena: How long before you learned to handle both?
Stefan: I’m still trying every day.
Not the answer she was looking for Stefan…

Does Klaus have super spidey senses that mean he knows when Katherine has been bad?
Although that’s an evil move telling her to kill herself just cos he reckons she’s not really being compelled.
Wow – I did not think she’d do it. She gets points for that.

Oh good god, I may swoon.
Unholy alliance between Matt and Damon? Never thought I’d say that…
Aw did he have to knock him out? He was being all awesome! Damon you’ve ruined his big saving Caroline entrance. Pout.

Caroline: Why did you just leave?
Tyler: You really want to talk about this now?
Yes, because a girl seems to only really get a straight answer around here when the guy she’s talking to is tied up and can’t go anywhere. Cathartic talking whilst chained up is a go!

Wow these two have grown, and this is a perfect showcase for that. If you think back to the people we knew in series 1, to see this here, is incredible. I never thought they could grow and do these amazing things. Season 2 has really been amazing for developing some of the other characters.

“I’m seventeen years old, how am I supposed to know any of this yet?”
Thank you. I love all this stuff about eternal love, but Elena is finally being the voice of reason. They’re teenagers, they shouldn’t be having to make decisions like this. And Damon shouldn’t have taken away her free will – it was selfish. Which kind of almost counters his selfless confession to her earlier in the series.

“I was supposed to grow up. Decide if I want to have kids and start a family. Grow Old. I’m supposed to have a lifetime of those choices and now? That’s all gone. I don’t want to be a vampire Stefan – I never wanted to be one.”
I love Elena all over again. At the moment we get so many vampire stories, and it’s every girls dream for youthful immortality, and to be in love forever – and none of them really seem to appreciate the length of forever. Elena does, and she’s shown her strength again by admitting she doesn’t want that. She wants choice. And that’s why she is such a strong female character, because she hasn’t just been swayed by some pretty boy.

Whilst most of the walk seemed a bit blah, I am so glad we got this from Dobrev, it makes it all worthwhile. To see again that Elena likes her mortality, and she doesn’t want to trade that in. She’d rather die than not have a choice. And that’s why she wants to go ahead with this despite the risk. Death can still be her choice.

And now I’m crying. The whole goodbye between Stefan and Elena is heart breaking. I’m just gonna sit and sob for a bit.
And the hand.
And then just him in the darkness with no one. Oh Paul Wesley, your crying makes me break.

Oh and the heart break continues. Lets make Damon all emotional whilst we're at it.
And the transformation?! Are you trying to kill us with all the emotional stuff at once in the last ten minutes.
Eesh, Trevino really is getting pretty awesome at these transformations.
Why is Matt being a moron when we know he knows about the werewolf thing?

DAMON! Did he get hurt? Is he ok? ARGH.

I want to hug Tyler. This poor poor guy – he does not deserve this.

Who’s on the Tv screen?...

And now Damon is going to play his ghost tricks. You’d think he’d spend some time learning new more surprising tricks.

Woah, was not expecting him to just walk up to Klaus and say ‘all my fault, I’ve screwed up your plan! Kill me!’ Huh. Think he might be redeeming himself for the earlier faux pas of force feeding Elena his blood.

“I’ve heard about you. The crazy impulsive vampire in love with his brother’s girl. I knew one of you would try to stop me, it was just a fifty fifty guess on who…”
This is not sounding good. Let me guess, the girl on the screen is Jules?... So we’re still good to go?

“The nice thing about werewolves is they tend to travel in packs.” That’d be a yes then… Meh, rather her than Tyler.

Does this mean Damon just earned himself a place in the sacrifice? Or is he going to use Kat?! Argh, I cannot stand the tension.

Matt. With a gun. Trying to save Caroline. He just got so much cooler. I didn’t even think that was possible – he was pretty awesome to start with. See humans in the loop is so much more fun than running round trying to keep them ignorant.

Ok, so that rules out Katherine and Damon being the sacrificial Vamp. Unfortunately that still leaves me going huh? Who else do we have as a vamp to sacrifice?...

What is it with these witches and fire? If you’re all powerful, give her nightvision, why light a bunch of fires? Show off.



Totally did not see that one coming…


That could explain some of the pictures we’ve got of Damon and Elena in the final episode of the series.

If they kill Damon I am going to lose it.



What. The. Hell?
Ok so aside from a few good moments, I found this episode quite slow to start. And then, you know, they go and try and kill us all with the tension in the last ten minutes…

SO for next week. Jenna’s a vamp, Damon’s a goner, and all I want to do is sit and cry.

Well done TVD, I thought you’d done it before, and I will probably be even more so by next week, but right now, I am BROKEN. BROKEN I TELL YOU.
But I don’t know what to believe? Because on the one hand we know that a werewolf bite kills – we’ve been shown this. That was the whole point of Rose. But then it’s Damon. And we know that Plec and Williamson aren’t going to kill off a character who still has a lot of story left to tell. And to me, Damon is still one of those characters.

So what happens now?
What did you think? Weigh in on the comments below.


  1. I hate the way things ended. I want next Thursday to be shown tonight. Damian can't die from a Werewolf's bite but who can save him? No one knew how to save the 500 year old that died from the bite of the werewolf and Damian had to kill her. With the little blood Damien gave Elena didn't make her a vampire did it? It just gave her strength didn't it?

  2. If Klaus ends up killing Elena during the sacrifice though, then with Damon's blood in her system she'll come back as a vampire.
    I know! I can't believe they ended it like that - and we have no idea if they will go through with killing Damon. I sure hope they don't!

  3. Any who turned Jenna? And where's Alaric and Elijah? Damon CAN'T die, I mean, it's Damon Salvatore. How the hell are we supposed to wait another week?!!!

  4. Haha, I know! It's a pretty crazy cliffhanger to leave us on for a week!
    Katherine admits to turning Jenna, but I don't know where Alaric and Elijah are - probably hiding out in the trees until the right moment to attempt a rescue. I hope we get to see some Jenna/Ric rescue awesomeness (and that she doesn't eat him...)
    Whilst we don't know anything for sure, and the writer's could kill him off and devastate millions of fans, I have a feeling that he may somehow survive... I sure hope so anyway!