Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Top Ten Debut Authors Whose Second Books I Need Right This Second

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There have been some truly incredible debut novels come into my little grabby hands that have made me pine deliriously for the authors to give me more of their words to consume. Listed below are eight authors whose second novels I cannot wait to read, and two authors whose debut trilogies have made me desperate to get hold of whatever they deign to gift me with next. 

Erin Morgenstern
Debut Novel: The Night Circus

It's been several years since this stunning novel hit our shelves and I'm still not over it. Some people weren't won over by the lyrical prose and slow paced story but I was swept away. I'm curious to see how Erin's writing style translates away from the Circus, and I cannot wait for her second novel.

Melissa Grey
Debut Novel: The Girl at Midnight

Midnight was a stunning debut, full of magic, mystery, romance and humour. I loved Melissa's writing style, her engaging characters and fascinating plot and I cannot wait to dive into the second book in the series when it releases next year.

Sabaa Tahir
Debut Novel: An Ember in the Ashes
Yes ok there were plot holes and problems galore if you started staring too hard at this novel, and some very valid concerns/problems raised by other reviewers, but the fact remains that I really loved this debut novel. It was exactly the book I needed when I needed it, full of fantasy, darkness, and a brutal world. It also left me desperate to get my hands on the sequel, partly for more and partly to see how some of the issues in the original are resolved.

Helen Maslin
Debut Novel: Darkmere

I'm not one for scary stories, so this novel was a departure for me but I am so glad that I followed my instinct on this one. Deliciously creepy, filled with unexpected twists and turns and compelling and engaging characters, I was sucked in completely. Helen has an incredible way with words, making me swoon and fall in love and then shriek in terror and have to put the book in the freezer a few chapters later. Any author who can skillfully elicit such emotions from the reader is one to watch, but from a debut it is doubly impressive.

Sarah Benwell
Debut Novel: The Last Leaves Falling
One of the strongest debuts I've ever read, Sarah's novel was heart breaking and filled with hope, strength and determination. A novel that defied conventions and moulds, this was a truly incredible and powerful story that swept me up and carried me away into Sora's world. Sarah has a natural talent for drawing out emotions in her readers and infusing her tale with humanity and feeling. I was crying by half way through and full on sobbing by the end of the story. It is one that has stayed with me throughout the year, one I return to repeatedly. With her determination not to be caged by expectations and to tell untold and overlooked stories, I am incredibly excited to see what story Sarah offers us next.

Lauren James
Debut Novel: The Next Together
A unique and fascinating story, I was captivated by Lauren's debut and the characters she created. I fell into the incredible lives and different versions of these characters and loved how each story interwove to create one beautiful book. I cannot wait to see both where the story goes and what she goes on to write next - with an imagination like that it's bound to be exciting!

Marieke Nijkamp
Debut Novel: This is Where it Ends
This debut doesn't hit shelves until January 2016 but oh boy is it incredible. I read This is Where it Ends in one gut wrenching and emotional sitting, and was left feeling hollow, drained and utterly wrecked by the sheer brilliance of Marieke's writing and the compelling story she'd written. If that is the state of me after reading her debut novel, what will I be like after her second? I cannot wait to find out.

Moira Fowley-Doyle
Debut Novel: The Accident Season
This book was divine. A slippery, magical book filled with secrets hidden and folded between the pages, I fell for this debut hard. It reminded me of Stiefvater's writing (definitely a good thing) but filled with its own unique wonder and darkness. It's one of the best novels I've read this year, a gorgeous debut and a brilliant portent of things to come from Moira. I cannot wait to see what she gifts us with next.

Plus two authors whose debut trilogies have made me stupidly excited for whatever they write next...

A. C. Gaughen
Debut Trilogy: Scarlet/Lady Thief/Lion Heart
This trilogy guys, be still my heart. I connected and fell in love with the Robin Hood tale in a way I never had before. I adore Scarlet, and Gaughen's writing is incredible. Scar is such a human, fallible and real heroine and I wanted to sweep her up and protect her. But she's also so brave, so determined and so committed to doing the right thing - she's one of my favourite heroines. This trilogy is a firm favourite, one I love re-visiting and I am so excited to see what she decides to write next.

Kristin Cashore
Debut Trilogy: Graceling/Fire/Bitterblue
When I read Graceling for the first time I wasn't that fussed. I put the book back on my shelf and forgot about it until Bitterblue was about to release and I figured I should re-read it and then catch up on Fire in preparation. I wasn't prepared for how much I ended up loving this series - proof that sometimes if you read a book at the wrong moment you end up disliking one that later becomes a favourite. Now I can't imagine not reading and loving this series (I listen to the audiobooks on a very frequent basis) and I cannot wait to see what Kristin releases next. It's going to be a wrench leaving the Seven Kingdoms, but if it's written by Kristin then I cannot wait to see where she takes me next.

So there you have ten authors whose debut outings were enough to make me squee, swoon and shriek with delight/terror. I adored their work and I cannot wait to see what delightful books they gift us with next.
Over to you - have you read any of these and do you agree with me? Or are there any authors you think I've overlooked? Let me know and link me to your own top tens in the comments below!


  1. I'm glad you mentioned Graceling. I did NOT care for that book at all but perhaps it warrants a second try!

    1. Definitely worth giving it another go, or if you don't fancy that then I really recommend going straight onto Fire. Whilst Bitterblue does tie the first two novels together, you can read Fire as a standalone and no matter how much I love the other two books Fire will always be my favourite. I love that book so much!

  2. I'm really looking forward to The Night Circus and This Is Where it Ends! I'm glad you liked them! Happy Tuesday! :)

    1. They were such good books! I cannot wait to see what both authors write next!

  3. A lot of people are waiting on something from Erin Morgenstern. I bought the book when it first came out but it still sits on my shelf. Wonder why she has never written anything else? This book has been so popular!

    1. I think she's been working on something else pretty much since TNC first came out. Hopefully we'll get it soon!

  4. Great list. You have a few books on here that I have read and enjoyed myself. I think I am also going to have to add a few of these to my Christmas wishlist, it looks like I have missed out on some great debuts recently. I am especially excites to read This is Where it Ends, it seems like quite an intense read. Here's my TTT.

    1. So intense but so good, I cannot recommend 'This is Where it Ends' enough. Eee! So glad to have added to your wishlist! I really hope you enjoy them!

  5. Really want to read The Accident Season!
    My TTT: https://jjbookblog.wordpress.com/2015/11/04/top-ten-tuesday-29/

    1. It's such a good book, one of the best of the year for me!